My name is Matt Hays. I'm a cognitive scientist and statistician with expertise in the areas of learning and memory, experiment and assessment design, measurement and psychometrics, and human factors. I conduct basic research on memory and feedback, and I apply those and other findings to the design of training systems, intelligent tutors, simulations, and educational experiences for civilian and military applications. I also design and conduct evaluations of these and other training systems; resulting publications have been nominated for or won Best Paper awards at several conferences.

I'm available to provide consultation and analysis services for any related effort, whether it is a laboratory experiment, a classroom intervention, or the development of a training system. I'm fluent in advanced qualitative and quantitative methodologies for evaluating users' reactions to systems, the effectiveness of training and instruction, and interface usability. I also have experience applying these analytic approaches to market/competitor research, decision-making, and business strategy.