This page tells you about my research interests and provides links to the materials I've used for my experiments. If you're trying to replicate something I've done, I really hope you're successful!

Research Interests

Early in my career, I was running participants in a memory study. The last part of the study was a free-recall task: The participants were asked to write down every word they could remember from the list they had studied earlier. One participant in the front row sat there thinking...thinking...and then suddenly lit up, said "Ahh!!" and wrote down two words.

That's what I want to figure out. I want to know what happened that let those words become retrievable. I also want to know what I could have done to structure how she studied so that they would have been easier to recall--and so she would have recalled a few more before time was up. Finally, I want to develop other ways of measuring how well she knew that information.

Experiment Materials

Kornell, Hays, and Bjork (2009): word pairs, trivia questions